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No, we don’t. Your public profiles are only visible to employers. Please check our Privacy Policy for more detailed info.

All payments are secure with us. We hold payment from the employer for your work before you start working. We will deposit your earnings to your Khalti wallet or your bank account (Please specify checkout option).

No you can use any name for the freelancing service. We only need your real name during the payment withdrawal process. Your real identity will be protected if you wish to do so and only the internal team of Merodesk will have access to your real identity. However, any names deemed to be offensive or inappropriate will not be accepted. Your account might even get deleted in some cases.

Yes, you can work without any hassle. You do not need to reveal your real identity to post your freelancing service in Merodesk.

Yes Freelancer can post more than one service. Currently freelancers can post up-to 6 services. For this you can go to your profile settings and click on post service.

If you don’t get any verification code on your inbox then please check your SPAM folder. If it’s not on the spam folder feel free to contact us.

You need to mention all the details about the service that you are providing in the service description box itself. This includes clear information on your payment rates, delivery time and past experiences in the service that you are providing. The employers will have a clear idea of what service you are selling and the rates that you are charging which will increase the chances of your services being purchased.

You can set up your payout option from your dashboard menu (Payout Settings). Currently we accept only Khalti and Bank withdrawal.

Yes you can cancel that service but if  you cancel your service without completing the service all the payment will be returned to the employer.

Service will not be approved in the following cases:

  • The service scope is not clear
  • Title is misleading
  • Description of service is missing (e.g what exactly you do on service)
  • Service that is prohibited by law
  • Service that does not comply with our policy

As soon as someone buys your service, you will receive a notification on your profile and via mail. You can view the details of the purchase by going to the “Orders” section on your profile and you can also communicate with the buyer.

Yes, you can cancel the purchase order placed by the buyer.

Yes, you can delete/edit service to provide you any time. But if you delete service which has work in progress or purchases all your earning for that service will be lost. The purchase order will be cancelled and the purchase amount will be returned to the buyer.

You can contact our dispute settlement center and register your complaints there. Our Dispute Settlement Team will look into your issues and will communicate with you and the buyer to solve the core of the problem. You can learn more about our Dispute Settlement Center here. (Insert link in “here”)

We don’t limit your transactions outside of MeroDesk; however, we will not be responsible for any transactions that are made outside of our site. 

Doing all the tasks within our site will improve your reputation as well as help you to get better reviews. 

This will increase the visibility of your service in the website thereby helping your service to perform better.

You have posted your service but haven’t received the notification stating that the service has been verified? There might be a few reasons for that.
  1. The service you have posted is deemed inappropriate, illegal and/ or against our policy standards
  2. The details of the service have not been explained accurately. This includes the scope of the service stating the exact details of what the buyer will be receiving,
  3. The service title and the service details do not match. For example: the service title says data entry but the service details explain translating documents from English to Nepali
If your service is still not verified after considering all these reasons, please contact us.